When to Engage Us

So when should you engage Engelhard Consulting?

  • if you lack accountability in your business
  • if you need to improve cash flow
  • if your business is in financial crisis
  • if you need assistance to raise finance and/or equity
  • if you need to improve sales and/or margins
  • if you have ATO or superannuation arrears
  • if you have limited, or no vision of the future cashflow requirements of the business
  • if the covenants with your financiers have been or are likely to be breached
  • if you want to reduce the level of debt in your business
  • if you need assistance in producing a new strategic business plan
  • if you are seeking to improve overall business performance
  • if you desire robust systems and controls to help you manage your business
  • if you are seeking corporate finance
  • if you are looking to refinance your current business finance facilities
  • if you are planning to sell your business or non-core assets
  • if you simply need objective unbiased advice.